AOC Opponent and former NYPD Officer on NYPD Suicide Crisis

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John Cummings: the NYPD suicide crisis and attacks on our police officers have the same root cause – a failure of leadership from our elected leaders

Bronx, NY… John Cummings, AOC opponent and retired New York City Police Officer who has been teaching high school civics and economics in the Bronx for over two decades, today released the following statement:

“My heart breaks for the families of our law enforcement officers whose lives have been lost both in the line of duty and by their own hand. The men and women of law enforcement in New York City are under attack. As Attorney General Barr said this week, there has been a 20% increase in assaults on our police officers across the country in recent years – 60,000 per year! The NYPD suicide crisis and attacks on our police officers have the same root cause – a failure of leadership from our elected leaders. Police officers are being executed in the streets and they are being attacked trying to do their daily duty. They are even taking their own lives in record number because they have no support from our leaders.

“From AOC claiming that people have ‘no choice but to riot,’ to Bill de Blasio’s long and painful record of turning his back on law enforcement in New York City, our elected leaders are a disgrace, and worse – a danger to our communities. There’s a reason people now feel it is acceptable to attack police officers.

“Even more disgraceful is that while AOC spews hateful anti-police rhetoric, she’s receiving the best healthcare in the world under the Congressional health insurance plan, and our police officers do not receive full mental healthcare under NYPD health insurance.

“We cannot let irresponsible elected officials like Mayor de Blasio and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez undo the tremendous work our law enforcement community, and the NYPD in particular, have done to make New York City one of the safest large cities in the world. We cannot let them lead us back into the bad old days. AOC and de Blasio need to cut out the dangerous rhetoric and support the people who sacrifice their lives to protect ours. When I am elected to Congress, our men and women in law enforcement will be one of my highest priorities. Blue Lives Matter.”


Born and raised in Parkchester, John Cummings followed in his father’s footsteps and was sworn in as a New York City Police Officer in 1983. Initially assigned to NSU (Neighborhood Stabilization Unit) 7, in the South Bronx, which covered the 40, 42, 44, and 48 precincts, he was then assigned to the 46th precinct, where he remained for 2 years. Following in his father’s footsteps once again, he was assigned to the NYPD Harbor Unit, where he served first as an operations coordinator in the Bronx, and then as a member of the Harbor George unit in College Point, Queens. John suffered a serious knee injury in the line of duty, and was forced to retire in July 1991, and did so with multiple commendations for bravery and excellence in the line of duty.

Returning to his alma mater, Saint Raymond High School for Boys, John has been teaching History and Government for over 20 years. He has also been the Alumni Coordinator, Director of Development, the History Department Chairperson, and the Recruiting Coordinator, a role he now handles in addition to his teaching duties. John also serves as the cantor at school Masses, held on Catholic Holy Days of obligation.

John also has a background in television and radio broadcasting, as he has been doing play by play for Fairfield Women’s and Men’s basketball for 25 years.

John has two grown sons, Nicholas and Matthew, currently resides on City Island and is an engaged and active member of the community.

He continues his passion for music to this day as a singer with TIM CURTIN and FRIENDS, a local Bronx band.

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