AOC Opponent & Former NYPD Officer John Cummings Statement on this weekend’s mass shootings

High School Civics Teacher at Bronx Boys School Says Focus Should Be On Mental Health and Education of Boys

Bronx, NY… John Cummings, AOC opponent and retired New York City Police Officer who has been teaching high school civics and economics in the Bronx for over two decades, today released the following statement:

“President Trump is right: we are in desperate need of mental health reform in this country. Too many of our young men are being over-medicated and under-supported during their formative years. As a high school civics teacher for the past twenty years, I have seen firsthand what happens when boys are expected to perform in the classroom in the same manner as girls, and don’t. It’s had a very negative effect on the education of boys.
“When I was growing up, the clinical diagnosis was ‘ants in the pants.’ Now, you get diagnosed as a problem kid, immediately put on medication and grow up being told you don’t matter. It’s no wonder our young men are susceptible to hatred and committing desperate acts of destruction.
While our hearts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones in these heinous acts, it is my hope that we are finally ready to have a national conversation about one of the root causes: how we raise our boys and the type of young men they become.”