Cummings Hits $2 Million Raised For General Election Campaign Against AOC

Media Contact: Chapin Fay
(646) 504-1776

Grassroots Campaign Includes Over 40,000 Donors

BRONX, NY… Former NYPD officer and the only Republican candidate for Congress against AOC, John Cummings, announced today that he has raised over $2 million for the general election campaign. Cummings, who has been teaching high school civics in the Bronx for over 20 years, has been building a grassroots organization that includes over 40,000 donors, most of them low-dollar, with an average contribution amount of under $50.

“Two million raised from over 40,000 supporters is an important milestone for our grassroots effort to restore representation to the people of the Bronx and Queens,” said Cummings. “The staggering amount of support we have seen since we started demonstrates that our message is resonating and that people are fed up with the style over substance that our elected officials are giving us. I am humbled by all the contributions, grateful for all of the support and excited for the debate of ideas against Representative Ocasio-Cortez to begin next month.”

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