Former Nypd Cummings Calls For Removal Of Mayor De Blasio

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“Stay Home. Save Lives.”

BRONX, NY… Former NYPD officer and candidate for Congress against AOC, John Cummings, today called on New YFormer NYPD officer and candidate for Congress against AOC, John Cummings, released the following statement on the situation in New York City.

“I am under no illusion that because I’ve decided to seek public office that I have suddenly become an important voice, but sometimes, common sense and heartfelt pleas can make a difference. I still have faith that with near unanimity, the people of this City and this Country were sickened by the death of Mr. George Floyd at the hands of a man with hate in his heart. I also believe, that with the same near unanimity, that We The People are disgusted and outraged by the miscreants who have killed, maimed, stripped bare our cities and towns, and as importantly, hijacked a prime opportunity to address issues of race that have plagued this Nation throughout my lifetime.
Our Law Enforcement community has been pushed to the brink. The men and women who put their lives on the line everyday, who placed themselves in harm’s way in unprecedented levels during the COVID-19 pandemic, and whom in many cases, have been abandoned by their State and Local Governments, are being beaten, bruised, and even killed, all for trying to protect the citizenry and the investments that so many have made, so that our neighborhoods thrive.
It is with this in mind that I ask ALL well meaning protesters to STAY HOME. For the time being, your right to protest, a right which is one of the beauties of living in a Republic, has to be forfeited, so that this great Nation may survive yet another test to the self government that We The People created.
We simply need to reduce the number of people on the street, so that the evildoers can be easily identified, stopped, and apprehended. Again, I beg you, PLEASE STAY HOME. Turn off your TV. Pray. Talk to your loved ones about how much you care for them. Check on your neighbors. Be the loving and compassionate people that you are. This anarchy needs to be stopped and when it is, I pray that we may finally have the conversation we need to have, but it cannot be now. Our lives are in the balance.
Please be safe. We stayed inside for 10 weeks and were told it was for our survival. We can do a few more days. This is for our survival as a Nation and as a free people.
Thank you. God bless you all and God Bless The United States of America.”

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