John believes that education SHOULD be the Civil Rights fight of the 21st Century. Access to a superior education should not be limited to those of economic privilege and he is a strong supporter of school choice. Any and all avenues must remain open so that all have a pathway to success.

John also believes that the more local education is, the more efficiently it operates. The Federal Government’s role in education should be limited, at best, and that parents and local communities are best equipped to deal with the educational challenges of their children.


John is a strong proponent of the free market and believes that the Government that governs least, governs best. Deregulation, simplification of the tax code, and pro growth policies need to be in place to create opportunities for ALL Americans.

He also believes that the National Debt needs to be reduced and is in favor of a balanced budget amendment, so that out of control government spending does not bankrupt the country’s future generations.


John believes that Government interference in health care, at both the Federal and State levels, has driven up costs, has severely limited an individual’s ability to obtain the appropriate insurance policy, and has taken medical decisions out of the hands of patients and physicians and put them in the hands of uniformed bureaucrats.

He is a proponent of low cost, non mandated, insurance, particularly for young people just entering the work force, in tax free health savings accounts, and in allowing companies to supply health care vouchers in lieu of direct company-based insurance, to allow for portability and more tailored policies.


John believes that the Nation’s immigration system is broken and that any and all meaningful immigration reform MUST start with a secure border. As a former member of law enforcement, he knows that the best remedies for the border crisis would come from relying heavily on the experts in the field, i.e.; the US Border Patrol, ICE, and local law enforcement working border towns.

Once that is done, Congress MUST engage in serious negotiations so that a new Immigration System is put in place that keeps the Nation secure, keeps those who came here legally at the front of the list for US Citizenship, and creates a path for those who want to bring their talents and work ethic to our great Nation.


John believes that, locally, the Federal Rail System is woefully underutilized. He is a strong supporter of the proposed plan to allow Metro North to utilize the Amtrak tracks that transverse the Bronx. This would give residents an excellent alternative to the MTA Subways and Express Buses for the commute to Manhattan and reduce automobile traffic, as well.

He also believes that the construction of truck stops needs to be part of ANY Federal Infrastructure improvement plan, particularly in the Bronx and Queens. These stops would greatly improve the safety of our roads and greatly reduce the need for our truckers to use local streets to find a place to take their Federally mandated breaks.

John Cummings for Congress

John Cummings for Congress